Clip-in Hair Guide

Review our guide on how to easily apply clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to instantly add length, volume or even color to your hair without spending additional money at the salon for heat-applied extensions or a full sewn-in weaves.

We are proud to have the widest selection of clip-in hair extensions on the market. Our extensions are manufactured using 100% Premium Virgin remy hair and can be washed, blow-dried, flat-ironed and curled. 

  • We offer Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian and Chinese hair in 6 different texture options for you to pick the hair type that matches your natural hair best.
  • Our Clip-in extensions are available as part of two different sets; a 7-piece Basic set and a 10-piece Deluxe set. Both sets are available in several mid to long-lengths for you to choose from.
  • Pick from our two collections, Virgin remy for a truly natural look or Colored remy collection for that color that matches seamlessly with the hair color you desire.

Our Basic set is perfect to add some volume and length to your natural hair. It consists of 7 clip-in pieces and has a combined width of 30 inches. You get 120 g of Premium Virgin remy hair for the 20-inch length.

Our Deluxe set is perfect if you like a fuller head of hair. It consists of 10 clip-in pieces and has a combined width of 40 inches. For the 20-inch length, you get 160 g of Premium Virgin remy hair for a beautiful thick and long style.

The weight of each set varies based on the length of hair selected to provide you with a consistent and even appearance. Longer sets weight more and shorter sets weight less.

  1. Starting at the bottom of head. Part a section of the hair above the nape of the neck from ear to ear, in the location shown in the image in green.
  2. Pull the rest of your hair away from the part and hold it up at the top of your head with a hair clip.
  3. Take one of the 3-clip pieces, insert the clips onto the roots of the part and snap them shut. Then move onto the next section
  4. Release your hair from the hair clip and part another section of the hair 2 ½ to 3 inches above the previously placed piece. As shown in the image in yellow.
  5. Insert the 4 clips piece onto the part and secure by closing the clips.
  6. Continuing moving up the back of the head to the top portion; Attach the last 3-clip piece at the crown of your head 2½ to 3 inches above the prior clip as shown in the image in green.
  7. Now moving to the sides of the head. Part a section of the hair right above the ear and insert one of the 1clip pieces. As shown in the image in pink. It is important to place all the clip-in pieces 1 inch behind the hairline to conceal the clip. 
  8. Lastly, part another section of your hair 3 inches above the ear and insert the 2-clip piece. As showed in the image in purple.

    Do the same for both sides to create equal fullness and volume. 

Remember: If your hair is of fine texture or very thin tease the hair at its root with a comb prior to applying you hair extensions. By doing this the clips will have more bulk to attach preventing slipping of the extension.