Arreis Cheveux is teaming up with ClickTheCause to give back to 

the community. 

We believe it is important to support local organizations that are improving lives and making communities stronger. With your help, we hope to build a brighter future for everyone.

What is ClickTheCause?

ClickTheCause is a platform for nonprofit organizations to reach new donors and for donors to find and support community‐building projects.

Mission: To empower individuals to transform their communities through collective philanthropy.

Belief: ClickTheCause believes in direct impact: local citizens supporting local organizations. The platform gives people the ability to make changes within the communities that are most dear to them.

Principles: ClickTheCause is founded on the principles of transparency, unity, and impact.

How does Arreis Cheveux support charities by 

partnering with ClickTheCause?

By using the ClickTheCause platform, Arreis Cheveux is able to identify, select and connect with local organizations that are making a positive impact in our communities and lives. Arreis Cheveux is proud to support organizations that have a mission to improve the well-being and quality of life of those in need. We hope that by raising awareness of ClickTheCause and its member organizations we can encourage our customers to join our mission of improving our communities with every dollar donated and minute volunteered.

How can you get involved?

On ClickTheCause anyone can support a project with as little as $1. As people spread the message, funds accrue to reach the final financial goal. Once funded, donations will be directed to the respective nonprofit and supporters are updated on the successful execution of the project. Arreis Cheveux will share information on its contributions as well as those made by its customers.

Other Questions

Visit the website at ClickTheCause or contact Alexx Poston (CEO/Founder of ClickTheCause) at