Hair Extensions Q&A

General Product Questions

What does weft mean?
Wefted hair extensions, or wefts, are a curtain of hair used to layer into your own hair to add color, length, or volume. Wefts act as a binding matrix for your hair. There are different types of wefts, but they all function by locking loose hair into a matrix that can be sewn or glued onto the scalp. There are two primary forms of wefts related to hair extensions—hand-tied wefts and machine-tied wefts.

What is bulk virgin hair?
Bulk hair, also called trackless, is loose hair not sewn into a track. This type of hair is commonly used for braiding, fusions or creating unique hair extensions.

What is the difference between hand-tied wefts and machine-tied wefts?
Hand-tied wefts use a weaving method by which strands of hair are hand tied to the top row of the weft using a fine thread. Hand-tied wefts are thinner, more flexible, and less detectable than machine-tied wefts. On the other hand, machine-tied wefts are a bit thicker, but, because their stitches are highly reinforced, they are simpler to work with and also may be cut by bonding the end of the track.

Can wefts be cut?
Machine-tied wefts can be cut as long as the ends are bonded. Because machine-tied wefts are redundantly sewn on one track, they are designed to be cut for use in patterning the scalp. If your stylist does not have experience with hand-tied wefts, then we recommend purchasing machine-tied wefts.

We strongly suggest not cutting hand-tied wefts. Cutting will lead to shedding, and the weft may fall apart. Only very experienced stylists should attempt to cut a hand-tied weft, and, even then, the results may not last without a proper bonding agent.

What is the width of a weft?
Because wefts are sold by weight (usually 4 ounces), the width of a weft depends on the actual length of the hair and the type of weft. As a general rule, the longer the hair, the thinner the weft.

Average Weft Width by Length 


How much hair should I purchase?
When you buy weaving hair, the standard amount you receive is Approx. 4 ounces per bundle, regardless of the length. Therefore, the longer the length of hair, the less hair you have to work with in terms of the width of the weft track.

One (1) bundle is adequate only for a partial install at lengths less than 12 inches. We always recommend at least two (2) bundles not only to ensure a full look, but also for future hair maintenance.

If you plan to leave your natural hair out (top and perimeter) then two (2) bundles will give you a natural full look for hair lengths 14- or 16-inches. If you want a little more thickness in the back, we suggest purchasing an additional pack. Most likely, you will use only a portion, and you can keep the rest to use for future maintenance.

For longer styles (18 inches or longer), we recommend using at least three (3) bundles to ensure you have enough hair. The number of bundles you need will vary depending on how you plan to install and how much hair volume you want.

Average Hair Quantity for a Full-Braid Weave


How long does this hair last?
Our virgin remy hair can last at least one year, with proper care and maintenance. The hair can be removed and reinstalled, as long as your stylist exercises care and patience while removing it.

Is there anything else I should know about your hair?
Arreis Cheveux hair is virgin remy hair. Each bundle comes from a single person and is completely natural and unprocessed.

Our virgin hair has a natural texture, varying from straight to deeply curly, including all degrees of wavy textures in between. Texture availability may vary depending on the type of hair. Please refer to our Hair Texture Guide for details.

Our hair is completely virgin and unprocessed. Washing and conditioning with high-quality products will bring out its natural luster and beauty. We recommend using protein-rich shampoo and conditioner for the first washing. The proteins in your product will nourish the hair, making it gorgeous and vibrant.

Because virgin hair is never colored and is sold in its natural state, there may be slight variations in color between bundles. For the same reason, there might be minor variations in textures between bundles, whether the hair is straight, wavy, or curly. Once treated properly, these textures will be more defined and beautiful.

Unlike hair from beauty supply stores, our virgin hair is not artificially enhanced by chemicals or silicone just to make it look pretty in the package only to have it break down after a few washes.

There are some important things to remember when you open your virgin remy hair package from Arreis Cheveux: 

  • Our hair is washed with organic shampoo and then dried with low heat.
  • Our hair is never chemically processed or altered in any way. 
  • Our hair ends are left completely natural, not trimmed, and there might be natural variations in length.
  • Our hair is always measured when the hair is straight, regardless of the texture. 
  • Our hair should be properly washed and conditioned to bring out its natural luster.
  • Our hair will last up to a year if properly installed and maintained.

Virgin Hair Questions

What is virgin hair?
Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed or altered in any way and therefore has intact cuticles. The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft and acts as a protective barrier. Processing includes coloring, bleaching, or using any substance that changes the structure of the hair cuticle or the hair’s inner layers. Hair can be styled using moisture and low temperature techniques and still be considered virgin hair.

Virgin hair looks healthier and shinier, and feels softer and lasts longer. Virgin hair is perfect for coloring, perming, or straightening, without losing any of its natural vitality.

Arreis Cheveux offers a wide selection of 100% human virgin remy hair of different types and textures.

Virgin hair with intact cuticle

Non-virgin hair with damaged cuticle

What is remy hair?
The term remy is used to describe hair that has intact outer cuticle layers, aligned in the same downward direction in all hair strands. Because all the cuticles are properly aligned, there is minimal friction between hair strands, and the hair is resistant to tangles and mats. For this same reason, remy hair is supple and light and behaves exactly like your own hair in terms of natural wave, body, movement, and versatility. Remy hair can be virgin if it is not processed or altered in any way, or it can be colored and still remain remy. Virgin remy hair is considered the highest quality of human hair used for extensions.

Arreis Cheveux offers a wide selection of virgin remy and colored remy hair of different types and textures.

What makes virgin Indian remy hair unique?
Our Virgin Indian Remy hair is naturally soft and full of body. It is thinner than other hair types and very manageable. It can be worn naturally straight or curly, and has a beautiful wave pattern when wet.

Regardless of the texture, our Virgin Indian Remy hair can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and dyed and will still effortlessly maintains its luster and vitality after several months of use. Our Virgin Indian Remy hair is available in natural off-black(1b) color. Custom colors are available (requiring the hair to be dyed). See our colored collection for details.

Like all Arreis Cheveux hair products, Our Virgin Indian Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle.

What makes Malaysian virgin remy hair unique?
Our Virgin Malaysian Remy hair has natural moisture that gives it a healthy smooth sheen. It is slightly thicker than Indian hair but not quite as thick as Brazilian or Chinese hair. Although the hair is thicker, it is lightweight and has lots of body. It flows naturally and is perfect for a straight or wavy style. Malaysian hair will gently wave when wet. When dry and styled, it holds body wave and barrel curls very well.

Regardless of the texture, our Virgin Malaysian Remy hair can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and dyed and will still effortlessly maintains its luster and vitality after several months of use. Our Virgin Malaysian Remy hair is available in natural off-black(1b) color. Custom colors are available (requiring the hair to be dyed). See our colored collection for details.

Like all Arreis Cheveux hair products, Our Virgin Malaysian Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle.

What makes virgin Chinese remy hair unique?
Our Virgin Chinese Remy hair is the thickest kind of hair; it has strong cuticles, and is naturally shiny. Chinese hair tends to be more rigid in texture. It is best if you want a straight and edgy look.

Virgin Chinese Remy hair can be blow-dried and dyed, and it will still keep its natural shine and vitality. Our Virgin Chinese Remy hair is available in natural off-black(1b) color. Custom colors are available (requiring the hair to be dyed). See our colored collection for details.

Like all Arreis Cheveux hair products, Our Virgin Chinese Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle.

What makes Brazilian virgin remy hair unique?
Our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is lustrous, strong and versatile; easily styled into straight, wavy, or curly styles. It blends naturally and effortlessly with thicker hair types.

Regardless of the texture, our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and dyed and will still effortlessly maintains its luster and vitality after several months of use. Our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is available in natural off-black(1b) color. Custom colors are available (requiring the hair to be dyed). See our colored collection for details.

Like all Arreis Cheveux hair products, Our Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is never chemically treated. It has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle.

Why should I use virgin remy hair when hair from beauty supply stores is cheaper?
Most hair from beauty supply stores is not virgin or remy, despite being marketed as such. Non-remy hair needs to be chemically treated to avoid tangling. This treatment involves an acid bath, after which the hair is coated with silicone to make it shiny and tangle free. This chemically treated hair will lose its luster and become dull, stiff, and dry after a few washes and weeks of wear.

Even if this hair is less expensive, you will have to replace it more often, and you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Real virgin remy hair, however, has never been processed. Remy means all cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, making it tangle free. Virgin remy hair looks and behaves like natural hair and blends beautifully with your own hair. Also, if you take care of this hair, just as you do your own hair, it will last a year or more.

Can my new virgin remy hair be colored?
Virgin hair has never been chemically processed or altered in any way and can therefore handle coloring very well. We do not recommend recoloring our colored remy hair because it has already been dyed. Double coloring the hair may lead to premature shedding and dryness. You can select one of the 10 custom colors offered in our Colored Remy hair collection or order our Virgin Remy hair and have a stylist custom color your hair.

What color is the virgin remy hair?
Our virgin natural hair comes in Natural off Black which is slightly lighter than a 1B in color and darker than a 2. Because our virgin hair is completely natural, we can’t guarantee a specific shade. For a specific color you should order from our colored remy collection.

See our color chart for a list of available colors.

Colored Hair Questions

Why would I buy colored hair from Arreis Cheveux instead of having the color done by my stylist?
Some customers choose to have their virgin remy hair colored by their stylist so they can do a strand test and see how the color looks firsthand. On the other hand, customers order colored remy hair from us because they like consistency and those who have already worn our colors can expect the same result from future purchases. Buying colored remy hair allows you to avoid the additional cost and time of having your hair dyed by a stylist. Please click here to view colored hair options.

Should my stylist do anything different when coloring my virgin hair?
We recommend always doing a strand test before coloring. This way you can experiment with colors without ruining an expensive hairpiece or extensions. Use a clarifying treatment before doing any coloring to remove buildup in the hair. Because our hair is human virgin natural hair, it can be dyed just as you would your own hair.

Can I recolor colored hair?
We do not recommend coloring our pre-colored hair because it has already been dyed. We do not recommend recoloring our colored remy hair because it has already been dyed. Double coloring the hair may lead to premature shedding and dryness. We recommend buying our 100% virgin remy hair and allowing your stylist to do the coloring.

What is the difference between remy colored hair and non-remy colored hair?
Remy colored hair is the highest-quality colored hair you can purchase. Our remy colored hair is nothing but Virgin Remy hair that has been dyed to achieve a specific color. Just like our Virgin Remy hair the cuticle layer is completely intact and flowing in the same direction similar to your natural hair, which prevents tangles. On the other hand Non-remy colored hair may not have a full cuticle layer and it may not be flowing in the same direction. Although Remy colored hair is more expensive, if you plan on a long-term style, it is worth higher cost.

Hair Care Questions

Which hair care products work best?
Just as you do with your own hair, you should use moisturizing, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. If you want to keep the hair soft and manageable, conditioning is important. Use a deep conditioner once a week. Avoid oily or heavy styling products. If you are using hair spray or gel to maintain curls, make sure you wash it out often because, over time, those hair products can make your hair appear limp and oily.

How should I treat the hair in the morning?
We recommend you comb or brush your hair in the morning with a wide-tooth comb or a loop brush. Hold your extensions as if in a ponytail. Gently brush in downward motion starting from the ends of the hair and move upwards to where the extensions attach to your hair. Be careful to not pull the extensions at the root of your hair. This will prevent excessive pulling and your extensions will last longer.

How should I treat the hair at night?
Make sure your hair is completely dry when you go to bed. Braid your hair in large loose braids, or comb and brush your hair into a wrap around your head and cover with a silk scarf every night before bed.

Can I go swimming with my extensions?
Yes, but you might want to braid your hair or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming to prevent tangles. Wash the hair afterward and make sure it is well conditioned. We recommend using a spray-in conditioner when you get out of the water to keep the hair soft and manageable.

Can the curly hair be straightened?
Yes. All of our virgin and colored curly hair can be straightened.

Refer to our Hair Texture Chart for specific recommendations about which types of hair are better for achieving certain textures.

How do you achieve the different hair textures?
Our virgin hair has been treated with only steam and water vapor to achieve our different textures. No chemicals are used in this process. Because we use only low temperatures for these treatments, the cuticles are not damaged, and our hair is still considered virgin.

How often should I care for my hair?
Virgin hair requires almost the same amount of care you would give to your own hair to keep a polished appearance. You need to shampoo at least once a week, sometimes more if you use a lot of hair products. If you maintain your virgin hair extension properly, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle-free, and beautiful natural-looking hair for a long time.

What’s the secret to a nice-looking weave?
To get a natural-looking weave or hair extensions, you need natural-looking, healthy hair and a talented stylist with experience installing weaving products. Arreis Cheveux virgin remy hair is the first step towards achieving a beautiful and natural-looking weave. Some other factors, include:

  1. The braid pattern. The braid pattern is the base to which your extensions will be applied. A good braid pattern will make your hair flow and move naturally.
  2. The amount of hair. Too much or too little hair can make a weave look unnatural and fake. Having too little hair installed can make the weave look thin and stringy. The right amount of hair usually ranges from 8 to 12 ounces for long hair weaves.

    Please refer to our average hair quantity chart for more detailed information.
  3. The right cut. Once the hair is installed, the hair extensions should be properly layered or thinned using thinning shears or a razor. Natural hair is never exactly one length. Layering the hair will make it look natural by taking some of the bulk out of the hair.
  4. Proper maintenance. Even the best-quality hair will not look its best unless it is properly maintained. You should wash your hair as often as you wish. We recommend washing it at least once a week so oils and hair products don’t build up. Proper conditioning will keep the hair looking shiny and healthy.


Full Lace Wig Questions

What is a Full Lace Wig?
A Full Lace Wig is a type of wig manufactured using a cap and a thin lace sewn on top of the cap. Individual hairs are sewn through the thin lace and then securely knotted.

When a lace closely matching your skin tone is used; it will be unnoticeable against your skin. Full Lace Wigs have redundant lace all around the unit that requires being cut to match the shape of your natural hairline. A Full Lace Wig is the only hair unit that will allow you to create a natural appearing hairline.

What is Wig density?
Density refers to the amount of hair that is used to create your Full Lace Wig. The average human head is 100% density; therefore a density greater than 100% will be fuller. The hairline of the Full Lace Wig features a lighter density than the rest of the hair unit to give the most natural appearance. Most women will achieve the most natural look with a light-medium density. Please keep in mind, the ideal density will vary based on personal choice and hair styling preferences.

Remember: The perception of density is affected by the type of hair used, the texture and how is styled. (i.e., rollers, hair spray, and mousse create the illusion of fullness).

Curly and wavy texture hair expands when combed or brushed making it looks fuller. For this reason, two wigs with the same exact hair density can look different based on the type of hair, texture and how it is styled.

What types of density do you offer?
Arreis Cheveux offers 3 types of density: 

  • Light-Medium (95-110%) Most popular for a density since it resembles an average human head
  • Medium 120-130% 
  • Medium-Heavy 140-150% 

What is Wig Lace?
Lace is a fine open fabric typically of lightweight cotton or silk material made by looping, twisting, or knitting threads in a pattern with open holes in the work. The lace comes in a variety of tones to blend in with the color of your scalp. The types of wig lace most commonly used are French lace and Swiss lace.

What types of Lace do you offer?
Arreis Cheveux offers 4 types of lace: Swiss and Super Thin Swiss.

Swiss lace is a lightweight and delicate fabric. Since it’s thinner than most lace materials lays flat and blends against your scalp which makes it less detectable than most types of lace.

Super Thin Swiss has similar features but is made of an even thinner material allowing it to be virtually undetectable, surpassed only by adding a silk top.

What is a Silk Top?
A silk top consists of two layers of lace with a layer of a thin silk material in between. The hair is inserted through the lace and silk layer and knotted underneath the silk material. This method leaves all the knots concealed under the silk layer making the hair looks as if it’s growing from your scalp. No other technique will provide a more realistic scalp look than a silk top.

How do I Choose the Lace Color?
The purpose of different lace colors is to imitate your scalp color, not your skin tone. For a better match part a section of your hair, and look at your scalp color before making your selection.

If you want your scalp to look white, cream or light brown order our light brown lace. If you want it to look Medium Brown or Brown, then order our Medium Brown Lace. For darker scalp tones choose our Dark Brown Lace.

Our Medium brown lace will match many different tones of brown, so it is a good color for most African American women. Pick our light brown to match anything from light Brown to light beige and Caucasian scalp tones.

(Remember: If you cannot find the lace color that is a perfect match it is better to select a lighter color than a darker one)

What are bleached knots?
In a Full Lace Wig each hair is manually tied to the lace by a small dark knot. Bleaching or lightening the knots reduce their visibility and helps to create the illusion that the hair is naturally growing from the scalp. Our Full Lace Wigs are bleached only in the front and in the crown where the hair is parted. We strongly recommend that you do not bleach the knots on the entire Full Lace Wig because it will weaken the knots, which can lead to shedding. 

Clip-in Extension Questions

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add highlights, thickness or simply make your hair longer. Arreis Cheveux Hair extensions will last at least a year depending on how often they are worn and how well they are taken care of.

These simple tips will help you take the best care of your hair extensions so that they will last a long time, without losing any of its luster and natural vitality.

How do I wash my Clip-In Hair Extensions?
  1. Pour a small amount of shampoo into lukewarm water.
  2. Gently immerse the clip-in hair extensions in water until saturated, lift the extensions in and out of the water and repeat a few times.
  3. Once cleansed, rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water.
  4. Condition the hair with conditioner of choice.
  5. Rinse with clean water and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Do not twist or wring hair.
  6. Shake the hair pieces well to remove excess water and leave to air-dry at room temperature. Never comb or brush while they're wet.
  7. Be sure to open and pat dry clips individually to remove excess water.
Can I Style & Curl my Clip-In Hair Extensions?
Nothing looks worse than damaged hair from breakage or frizzing. Both are problems that can be caused by the overuse of blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons. It is best to limit use of high temperature styling tools on your hair extensions to a minimal to preserve the hair vitality. More effective approaches are air-drying, heated rollers, hair noodles and braiding hair to achieve wave patterns. If heat is a must; A heat protecting spray should always be used on hair extensions to help reduce the risk of heat damage. In addition, always use a soft bristle to gently brush your hair Extensions before and after use.