What Drives Us?

We know it can be overwhelming to find high-quality hair in today’s expanding hair market. Many traditional hair retailers and online stores sell chemically treated and poor-quality hair disguised as premium virgin remy hair.

Most hair from beauty supply stores and online retailers is not remy hair. Non-remy hair needs to be chemically treated to avoid tangles. This chemical treatment involves an acid bath, after which the hair is coated with silicone to make it shiny and tangle free. Hair treated using this process will soon lose its sheen and texture and quickly become dull, stiff, and dry.

We frequently hear stories from clients who previously bought hair at beauty supply stores. Many of them thought that they were getting a good deal because the hair looked healthy and felt silky and smooth. Weeks later they discovered the silky texture, shine, and healthy look were gone.

Others bought hair from online hair retailers only to find that the hair delivered was different from what they had expected. The hair type did not blend well with their natural hair, the texture was not right, or the color did not match. In most cases, when they tried to return the hair, they were told that all sales were final and returns were not allowed. Some people were able to find great-looking hair extensions of good quality, but those extensions were too expensive to purchase.

This obvious need for affordable, high-quality hair and first-class customer service is what motivated us to start Arreis Cheveux. Our understanding for this need and of hair itself has made us a trusted expert and retailer for virgin remy hair products.