Wig Measurement Guide

How to Measure your Head for a Full Lace Wig

Measuring your head accurately is the most important task before ordering a Full Lace Wig.

At Arreis Cheveux you can pick from our three standard cap sizes (Small, Medium and Large) or order a custom fit Full Lace Wig.

Whether you are ordering a standard size or a custom fit Wig we recommend you measure your head at least 3 times to ensure a proper fit.


Before you start:

  • Pin your hair as flat and tight as possible before taking the measurements to eliminate bulges that distort the head shape.
  • Remember to place your measuring tape a little outside of your natural hairline when taking the measurements. This will ensure that your hairline will be fully covered by your Full Lace Wig once glued to your scalp.
  • For more accurate measures, consider having someone else measure your head rather than do it by yourself.
  • Write down all your measurements in inches.


To determine the Wig size that is right for you, measure your head by taking the following measurements:

Head Circumference: Measure all around the head. Position the measuring tape so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.

Forehead to Nape of Neck: Measure from the hairline at the center of forehead straight back over the crown to the center of the hairline at the nape of neck. Be sure to take the measurement with your neck bent down.

Ear to Ear across the Forehead: Starting at the front of the ear, measure from the hairline at the base of sideburn, up across the hairline along the forehead to the same point in front of the other ear.

Ear to Ear over the Top of Head: Measure from hairline directly at the top of the ear across the head to the hairline directly above the other ear.

Temple to Temple across the back: Measure from temple to temple across the back of head. 

Nape of Neck: Measure the width of your hairline across the nape of the neck.

Pick from our standard size chart the size the best match your measures

Keep in mind

  • Your measurements may not be an exact match to the standard wig specifications. If your measurement for circumference falls between two sizes we advise you to select the next size up to ensure a proper fit for your Full Lace Wig.
  • Medium caps are the most common size and will fit most women with an average size head.
  • If you're unsure what size fits you best send us your measures at customerservice@arreischeveux.comand we will help you decide or if preferred order a custom fit wig.