Colored Indian Deep Curl Weft Extension- Ready to Ship

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About Weft Types:

Hand-tied wefts use a weaving method by which strands of hair are hand tied to the top row of the weft using a fine thread. Hand-tied wefts are thinner, more flexible, and less detectable than machine-tied wefts. On the other hand, Machine-tied wefts are a bit thicker, but, because their stitches are highly reinforced, they are simpler to work with and also may be cut by bonding the end of the track.

Picture of Colored Indian Deep Curl Weft Extension- Ready to Ship
  • Colored Indian Deep Curl Weft Extension- Ready to Ship
  • Colored Indian Deep Curl Weft Extension- Ready to Ship

About Product:

Weft Extensions are used for sew-in installations or to be glued onto the scalp. All Arreis Cheveux wefts use the highest-quality virgin remy hair. We offer both machine-weft and hand-made weft.

About Texture:

Deep Curl hair has a tight natural curl. This texture is ideal if you are aiming for deep curly styles. Despite its tight texture, this hair can still be flat-ironed to loosen curls and will always return to its original deep curly texture after wetting or washing.

About Hair Type:

Arreis Cheveux Colored Virgin Indian Remy hair is naturally soft and full of body. It is thinner than other hair types and very manageable. Our Colored Indian Remy hair can be blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, and dyed and will still effortlessly maintains its luster and vitality after several months of use.

About Colored Remy Hair:

Arreis Cheveux Colored Remy hair is Virgin Remy hair dyed to meet your color requirement. All our Colored Remy hair has intact cuticles running in the same direction and does not tangle. We offer a wide selection of 10 different colors. We do not recommend coloring over colored hair because it can lead to dryness and loss of the hair’s natural vitality. If you prefer to dye the hair yourself, we recommend purchasing our Virgin Remy Hair Collection.

  • Colored Virgin Indian Remy Hair.
  • Machine and Hand-tied weft available.
  • Approximately 4 oz.
  • Deep Curl texture.
  • 100% human, natural, and unprocessed hair.
  • 100% Remy, preventing tangles and mats